I believe my conscience is my God... and here ,my God speaks....

Power within

You think intelligence is your only power;

You think it it answers all questions.

You believe in hiding your bodies,

behind mechanized armors built of fear.

You believe in a certain type of intelligence,

That lets you manipulate the material world,

and yet even that is a mystery.

Let me ask you…. 

what have you accomplished?

What are your achievements? 

Way of the warrior is a fantasy;

Way of the coward is practical.

Pathetic, as the excuse is that,

none has accomplished the feat.

Wars are for namesake; 

dishonored excuse to find peace.

Peace is for losers,

who believes in monotony

I lie dormant within you ,

because you choose me to be. 

Maybe a million men to come would do the same;

But if you are the first to believe in me,

then i shall teach you, 

Of the power within.

And this power i assure you, 

will be what decides the future.